Unlock the hidden value of your data

Machine learning and AI technologies that seemed out of reach just a few years ago are now accessible to companies large and small and their use is spreading in lightning speed.

The most innovative companies are moving quickly to harness these new tools to grow their business exponentially. But creating and executing on a strong data and AI strategy takes specific expertise and is not easy to get right.

How can you drive quickly to get actual value? Which technologies are most important for your business? How do you start incorporating AI into your organization and how do you scale it?

Manganese solutions helps your organization answer these questions. We are dedicated to helping companies integrate machine learning and AI into their business strategy, harnessing data to catalyze their business.


Bridge the gap between data strategy and execution

First, we will work with you to deeply understand your business and your data. Then, we will understand together how machine learning and AI can serve as a catalyst.

We will work with your team to create a roadmap that will focus on quick deliverables while keeping an eye on long-term strategy. We will ensure that all aspects of machine learning and AI management are addressed as part of the roadmap, from data hosting through hiring.

A roadmap is a great start, but execution can matter even more. Depending on the resources available on your team, we will partner to assist in the execution. This could vary from a regular check in to actually executing on large parts of the roadmap. We will maintain regular contact to ensure that at any given time the team is driving towards creating tangible value for your organization.


Make your data work for you

Manganese is the catalyst that enables plants to harness sunlight to produce energy and oxygen through photosynthesis, a uniquely efficient process unmatched by any man-made system.

Like sunlight, data is a source of energy and power. But it also needs a catalyst to work efficiently for your business.

Manganese Solutions provides that catalyst. We develop uniquely tailored solutions to integrate data science into your product strategy, efficiently harnessing the power of data to grow your business.